General Assembly

Our action plan, annual account and overall budget are presented, discussed and decided upon during the annual General Assembly. All our member organisations have a single voting right at this General Assembly, which draws on the framework of The Shift’s mission, vision and operational strategy.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is similarly composed to represent the different layers of our society: young and old, male and female, French and Dutch, corporate and civil society, local and international. Each of the following members contributes his or her experience to help our community in making ‘the shift’:

Alien De Deken

ERM Belgium

Olivier Chaput


Caroline Van Marcke

Van Marcke

Danny Jacobs

Bond Beter Leefmilieu Vlaanderen

Jacques Vandermeiren - President

Port of Antwerp

Dirk Van de Poel

Transitienetwerk Vlaanderen

& Vlaams ABVV

Peter Garré


Michel Croisé

Sodexo Belgium

Vanessa Biebel


Christiane Malcorps


Denis Knoops

Coconut Tree SPRL

Kaat Peeters

Social impact projects

Natacha Zuinen

Service Public de Wallonie - Département DD