2021 Regenerative Alliance Annual Summit

Join other leaders during this three-day event (9-11 September) to create a regenerative economy together.


150 business leaders, entrepreneurs and impact investors are gathering in person and in the open air this fall for the latest edition of the "Regenerative Alliance Annual Summit". Stimulated by exchanges with other inspiring leaders, philosophers and activists, such as Satish Kumar, Jill Adler, Bruno Roche, Joyshree Reinelt, Olivier Legrain ou Thomas Dermine, we participate together in the creation of an economy "for good". Trust, generosity and humility will be at the heart of the exchanges, and times of reflection will allow us to deepen the quality of our connection to ourselves, to others, and to nature. By the stream or around the campfire, as equals, our shared experiences and the bonds we forge will allow us to design a regenerative economy together.

And beyond the Summit, the Regenerative Alliance is a community where leaders can connect, inspire, collaborate and develop new regenerative businesses all year-round

For whom?

Business leaders, entrepreneurs, impact investors, etc.

Why participate?

Help build an economy "for good"!

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Marie Delvaulx

Practical information



For whom?

This session is open to all who wish to contribute to the realisation of a regenerative economy.

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