A Drop of! Resilience: The Posi-Essentials to grasp the future resiliently

This webinar by SeeYouBaby focuses on how to stay physically, emotionally and mentally fit and motivated.

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The Posi-Essentials for resiliently seizing the future

We live in a VUCA world. Everything is very complex and ambiguous, volatile and uncertain. Even for ourselves, it is not easy to feel calm and connected to everything and everyone.
Staying true to ourselves and authentic is a solution to this.  But how do we do this in these hectic times?

By now, it is clear to everyone that we do not always get it right. It is a human reflex to try to control others, especially when we feel restless and insecure inside. However, this conrolling reflex leads to even more pressure on ourselves and others. So it does not work that way.

What does work is that we take back control of ourselves: our thinking and our feeling.
Posi Essentials helps us to rediscover this.

First we experience how quiet it can be inside ourselves. From this calmness we can communicate in a connecting way and show how we feel and experience things.
If we cannot or dare not communicate authentically, we keep building up tension in ourselves. And this can be felt in our bodies.

During the webinar you will receive:

  1. A short (15') introduction about our 2 operating systems.
  2. We also explain how we, as a commercial entity, support a social and sustainable project and how this social project gives us the resilience and meaning to keep reinventing ourselves in these disruptive times.
  3. We let you feel where you might be holding on to tension and how we can release it. (25')
  4. Finally, you will be given tools and possibilities to communicate in a connecting way, with a calmer mind. (25')
  5. We would love to go deeper into your questions so that this becomes very practically applicable.

For whom?

All our members.

Why participate?

In these challenging times, we want to continue supporting our members with our "Drop of resilience" series. This webinar from SeeYouBaby will focus on how to stay physically, emotionally and mentally fit and motivated.

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Lara Piret

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