Carbon footprinting, your first step in the Science Based Targets journey

Carbon footprinting allows an organization to estimate the greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions associated with its operations and activities. It is the first practical step of your journey towards SBTs. This event is in cooperation with CO2logic.

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Carbon footprinting is an essential exercise if you want to know (and reduce) your climate impact. That is why the BACA initiative, in cooperation with CO2logic, invite you to its third anchor event to help you understand this process step and have a full understanding of your climate impact. In this workshop we will not only provide you with the theory (based on the GHG protocol) but, via separate breakout rooms, we will focus on those emission categories that are most relevant for your organization. When registering for this workshop it is therefore essential that you fill out this short survey. Based on your answer we will group workshop participants in such a way that your questions can be addressed by CO2logic staff or by peers.

For whom?

Any organization that faces challenges in calculating (some of) their GHG emissions or wants to understand better how to calculate a particular Scope1, Scope 2 or Scope 3 (indirect) emissions category.

Why participate?

Not sure yet on how to start your climate journey? This will be the ideal place to jumpstart and get to grips with your carbon footprint on a practical level.


When registering for the event, you will be asked to select up to 3 GHG emissions categories (Scope 1&2 or any of the 15 Scope 3 categories, according to GHG Protocol), that are particularly relevant to your organisation or for which you face challenges (via this survey). To make this event most useful for you, you will be invited to

  • attend two breakout sessions focussing on two emissions categories
  • raise all your questions in advance.

In this way CO2logic experts will be able to focus on what is most relevant for you.

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For whom?

All organisations that are member of The Shift (companies, non-profit and academic institutions).

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