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How do we bring potential talent closer to employers? On 14 September we invited our members to take action on the employment and integration of vulnerable people.



In December last year some fifty CEOs and employment organisations made a commitment regarding the Decent Work for All Charter. This was a signal to Minister Peeters that the only way to get vulnerable people into the employment market is through cooperation.

Early this year, on the initiative of Accenture, twelve signatories looked into how existing partnerships could be scaled up to become collective solutions. Read more about the Collective Impact Solutions platform.

Change Lab on 14 September

On 14 September we wanted to further investigate the possibilities offered by Collective Impact Solutions, as well as other initiatives or innovative partnerships regarding decent work and employment for vulnerable people.

Do you want to partner up with other signatories of the Decent Work for All Charter and members who are also working to achieve SDG8? Then contact Charlotte Vroemans for more information.




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