General Assembly 2018

As a member of The Shift, you may vote on our accounts and activities at our general assembly. You will also get a presentation of our action plan for 2018. So, plenty to talk about during the networking opportunity afterwards.



Our general assembly is one of the main opportunities for all our members to get together.  We will present the annual accounts and look forward to discussing them with you and the other members. That will give you the chance to evaluate the past year with our board of directors.

You can also contribute to shaping the future of our network. We will present our action plan 2018  and the budget, for approval.

Networking drink

Traditionally, the majority of our members take part in our general assembly. So, after the presentations, this is an excellent opportunity to catch up with old acquaintances and to get to know some new faces in our diverse network!

Proxy vote

Who can vote? All our member organizations can send one person with voting power to the general assembly. But obviously colleagues are also welcome to come. If, as a voting member, you are unable to attend, you can give a proxy vote to a member who is present.


Vote on 2017 accounts and activities
Presentation action plan 2018
Inspiring networking moment