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Diversity in the workplace is a priority for many companies. At the same time, it’s often a challenge. How can we move beyond the challenge and move towards diversity as an added value for your company?


Many companies are looking to increase the diversity in their workplace. Why do we aspire diversity? What is the added value of diversity? What are the challenges? And how do we tackle them? These are the addressed questions during this inspiration session organized together with the Diversity Managers Association Belgium. The session focuses on the broad scope of diversity within the work force, such as gender, age, ethnical background, socio-economic background, LGBT, persons with a handicap, ...

For whom?

Specifically for companies - companies who already have an action plan or are looking to develop an action plan towards more diversity in their company. The event is tailored for those managers who are addressing diversity/inclusion within the company.

Why participate?

Diversity in the work force has many advantages – it could be the pathway to innovation and creativity. However, getting there can be a bumpy road. You do face challenges and learning from each other can only facilitate things. If you need inspiration about how to increase diversity in your work force, this is the event to be.


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