Impact Network Internal Carbon Pricing: sharing best practices

Several companies around the world have set a price to compensate for their carbon emmissions in an effort to combat global warming. Join them!

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Although more and more countries have begun implementing carbon pricing, Belgium has not yet done so. In anticipation of this, companies can adopt an internal carbon price already now.

During this third session of our learning network, we will bring to you an extensive testimonial on how Microsoft is concretely working with internal carbon pricing.

For whom?

We want to work with members with the ambition to put internal carbon pricing on their organisation's agenda.

The precondition for joining is a willingness to share your own organisation's plans on internal carbon pricing, as well as your experiences and results of the process.

Why participate?

Companies who want to achieve their goal of reducing emissions can use an internal carbon price to do so.

Are you interested in learning from others while sharing your own experiences on the topic? Then these sessions are a perfect fit for you! In the meantime, we’ve grown into a committed group of more than 30 members. 


The third session of the Impact Network Internal Carbon Pricing will take place on 2 June.

During the first session (19 September 2019), we looked into the 'why' and 'what' of this tool. Our next session will answer the 'how' question in detail.

This time, we are bringing a practical testimonial from Microsoft. Microsoft currently uses a carbon fee of 15 USD/metric ton CO2 for scope 1 and 2 emissions. As from July 2020, such a fee will also be gradually introduced for scope 3 emissions. This is one of the tools with which Microsoft plans to be 'carbon-negative' by 2030 and to remove all 'historical' carbon emissions by 2050. In other words, ambitious plans that we would love to share with you.

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