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Do you want to join us in tackling climate change? Is your company interested in setting targets that are both ambitious and scientifically underpinned to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions? Then the Science Based Targets are right up your alley!

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Info session

Introduction The Shift
The Science Based Targets-initiative, Alexander Farsan, Global SBT Lead at WWF

  • SBTs in Belgium: testimonials by pioneering companies: Proximus, Lidl, Bpost & Solvay
  • Debate moderated by Alien De Deken, member of Generation T
  • Q&A with SBT experts
Networking lunch


During this info session, we will present the Science Based Targets (SBTs). They are an initiative to help your company define climate goals in line with the Paris Agreement – to keep global warming well below 2° C. As a tool, they indicate to what extent and at which speed your company should reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to achieve the Paris Agreement's climate goals.

Why participate?

  • Stimulate innovation
  • Reduce climate change-related risks for your company
  • Strengthen your company's credibility and position yourself as a pioneer in the fight against climate change

This workshop is designed for all companies in Belgium who want to join the fight against climate change. Globally, more than 350 companies are already using the SBTs. During this info session, we will present the tool in detail, after which 4 companies who have adopted the SBTs (or have decided not to adopt) will talk about their experience.


Setting your climate goals through the SBTs allows you to calculate what steps you can take to keep global warming below 2° C. That means your company will directly contribute to achieving the Paris Agreement goals.

Join us on November 22 and become one of Belgium's pioneers in fighting climate change!

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Ravenstein 60

1000 Brussels

Thursday 22 November 2018