Integrating non-financial value for better decision-making: programme kick-off session

Assessing natural, social and human capital/value alongside financial capital provides more meaningful information to make better decisions, in order to drive value creation for business, society, the environment and – ultimately – capital providers.

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This launch session sheds a light on why it is important to incorporate non-financial value in decision-making. Different perspectives – CEO, academic, corporates and consultants – give their point of view on the creation of more value for all.

During this trajectory, you will get insights on how to incorporate natural, social & human capital/value in business decision making to mitigate risk and seize opportunities.

The following three sessions about how to integrate non-financial value in decision-making will be introduced:

  • “Determining the focus in non-financial value measurement” (October 27th)
  • “Quantifying/measuring/monetizing non-financial value”
  • “Integrating non-financial value in specific decision making such as projects, products, companies”

For whom?

All members.

Why participate?

More and more stakeholders in society – employees, NGOs, investors, clients, … - screen how sustainable a company is. The pressure is on for sustainable business. Learn more about the growing importance of non-financial value creation.


You can easily connect to the discussion through Zoom. After the presentations in English, we’ll have a brief Q&A session. Send in your questions via the Q&A function during the presentations to put them on the agenda.


1. Introduction
2. Why is it important to incorporate non-financials in value creation and in business decisions: Jean-Christophe Tellier, CEO, UCB: ‘Why companies have a role to play in creating societal value?’ & Wayne Visser, AMS:  ‘The importance of embarking on this journey’
3. Integration of non-financial value in business decision-making – testimonials on challenges and success: BASF and one other company (TBC)
4. Introduction of the following sessions

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