Launch Green Deal Cantines Durables

In cooperation with several partners, we want to help canteens in Wallonia develop more sustainable food policies. Are you and your organisation interested in contributing? Discover how at the launch of this Green Deal Cantines Durables (Sustainable


Sustainable food is essential both for our health and for the quality of our environment. That is why we have partnered with others to launch a first Green Deal in Wallonia: the Green Deal Cantines Durables.

Through a partnership between private actors and the government, we want to achieve an ambitious common goal: serving sustainable food in 30% of all canteens in Wallonia by 2021.

Why participate?

Start a campaign in your canteen(s) or work with other organisations to make their canteens’ food policies more sustainable. By participating in this Green Deal, you contribute to achieving the common goal of making 30% of Walloon canteens sustainable by 2021.


During this launch event in Namur, the exact content of this Green Deal will be presented. You will also get the opportunity to explore potential actions together with other actors involved. This is the ideal preparation for the officially signing of the Green Deal in November 2018.

Practical information

Who can participate?

Actors from all parts of society are welcome to this Green Deal: catering firms, food producers, processing companies, wholesalers, company restaurants, schools, tertiary education institutions and universities, hospitals, child care centres, government agencies, associations and NGOs


Rue Bruno 11
5000 Namen

Tuesday September 18, 2018


Info session Green Deal ‘Healthy and sustainable food at school’ (+ lunch)

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The Green Deal: what, why, how?

Overview of the challenges of sustainable food, Olivier de Schutter - UCL
Presentation of the Green Deal by a member of the steering committee

Testimonies of several actors in the field
Explanation of the Green Deal’s next steps: what is expected of signatories?

Thematic roundtable

Brainstorming on potential actions per sector: government agencies, canteens, facilitators

Sustainable snacks and drinks