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Companies around the world are adopting an internal carbon pricing to meet their climate goals. Are you in?


'Carbon pricing' is considered by numerous experts to be the most effective and least expensive way of reducing our carbon emissions. This policy measure can change the behaviour of companies and citizens, make climate-smart investments economically attractive and stimulate innovation.

Although more and more countries are starting to work with carbon pricing, Belgium has not yet introduced it. In anticipation of this, companies can already adopt an internal carbon price.

For whom?

Both for members who are already working with an internal pricing mechanism, as for those who want to be informed about internal carbon pricing and are interested to implement this mechanism in the future.

Why participate?

It's no news that we need to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions if we want to stop global warming. Companies who want to achieve their emission reduction objectives can institute their own internal price on carbon.

There are two ways to work with an internal carbon price. The first one is to introduce a shadow price in the decision-making process around new investments in order to ensure long-term profitability. The second one is to work with a carbon fee that both directs investments towards sustainable projects and makes operational processes more efficient.

Want to learn more about internal carbon pricing and discover how companies are adopting this method in practical terms? Come to our kick-off on 30 April!



On 30 April, you can get a crash-course on how to use internal carbon pricing. We will discuss how internal carbon pricing works, as well as the opportunities and risks it brings with it, with the help of companies who want to share their story with you of how they adopted this method. Get inspired and seize the chance to show you care!

Afterwards, we will help you translate your new-found knowledge into concrete actions.


Introduction on the carbon tax and internal carbon pricing, followed by testimonies of companies who have already integrated internal carbon pricing in their business strategy (namely Solvay, PwC Netherlands and Microsoft). Afterwards there will be a Q&A moment and the meeting will be concluded with a lunch.

Below you will find the presentations of the event:

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