A drop of resilience : Inner calm and connection as the basis for resilience, an introduction

This webinar will bring an introduction to the mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training program developed at Google and backed by the latest neuroscience in order to boost our resilience in these difficult times.

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This introductory presentation, brought by Frédérique Charlier, Co-founder of True Talk and Search Inside YourselfTM Certified teacher, will help you improve focus and empathy to harness your team’s full potential and help them navigate this unique period.

In this session we will touch on the following topics:

  • An introduction to the neuroscience supporting mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
  • The role of attention training in enhancing focus and developing empathy.
  • Foundational exercises to focus attention, calm the mind, enhance connection and compassion, and develop greater resilience.


This event will be held in English.

For whom?

All our members.

Why participate?

These times of crisis prove once again that human beings are capable of great adaptation. But what do we know about the effects of all these changes on our long-term well-being? How can we deal with the tensions that arise from these changes,  which we cannot always clearly identify? 

The current pandemic has resulted in a great isolation of people, which has an impact on our physical, mental and emotional health. Organisations are becoming more and more aware of this health asset of their employees, and that it's key to the health of the organization itself. 

This session will address these different themes and issues in order to help us incorporate our sustainable ideals into the way we work and live on a daily basis.



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How inner calm and connection form the basis for resilience: an introduction

Frédérique Charlier, Co-founder of True Talk and Search Inside YourselfTM certified teacher



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