Meeting of learning network Climate Friendly Investments

Through this learning network, we help institutional investors achieve their climate targets by making their portfolio more climate-friendly. This meeting is the third time the network gathers this year to share knowledge.


Institutional investors can work towards their climate goals by making their investments climate-friendly. Through this learning network, we guide universities, pension funds, insurance institutions and other investors through the process of decarbonising their investment portfolios. This is done in cooperation with Forum Ethibel.

Why participate?

As an institutional investor, there are several ways to decarbonise your portfolio. All roads lead to Rome, as they say (or Paris, in this case). Our learning network offers you the opportunity to share knowledge with other investors. It also provides a confidential space for you to ask all your questions:

  • Which investments are best for the future?
  • What does the sustainable investment market look like?
  • How can we have a transparent debate about this with our stakeholders?


Together with the participants of this learning network, we look at the steps that need to be taken to make a portfolio carbon neutral. For inspiration, we look to the proposals in Forum Ethibel’s study Impact of disinvestment by asset owners.


  • In past meetings, we already discussed how to engage with stakeholders as an institutional investor in this context. We also provided an overview of the regulatory landscape (TCFD, High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, …).
  • During this meeting, we will look into the impact of climate-friendly decisions on your portfolio’s return on investment. ‘Benchmarks’ will be part of the discussion as well. As in previous meetings, we will invite one or more inspiring speakers and/or external experts.

Practical information

who can participate?

The participants of this knowledge network include universities, pension funds, insurance institutions and other institutional investors looking to adapt their investment portfolio to the impact of climate change.


The meetings of this learning network take place at the different participants’ headquarters, on a rotating basis.

Tuesday September 25, 2018

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