Responsible rewards: a forgotten dimension in mainstreaming sustainability?

More and more companies integrate or consider integrating sustainability-driven KPIs in incentive systems, which is great. However, there are many more opportunities for making companies’ reward systems ‘breathe’ sustainability.


This webinar will consist of three main building blocks:

  • An (applied) academic perspective: prof dr Xavier Baeten (Vlerick Business School) will put the topic into perspective and will share a number of sustainability-driven reward practices, also based on a preliminary survey sent to the participants of the webinar.
  • A testimonial: Erik-Jan Vegers, Global Head of Rewards at FrieslandCampina, will share a number of insights and thoughts on ‘responsible rewards’ – what does it mean and how can we do it?
  • Cocreation: together, we will further develop the topic of ‘responsible rewards’, also including the perspective of the SDGs.

For whom?

All members interested in learning more about responsible rewards. This session will allow you to exchange on the subject with your peers, and to be inspired by examples and testimonials.

Why participate?

More and more organisations include sustainability-related KPIs in their top management incentive systems. Even though this has a positive impact on the firm’s sustainability, this is not where it stops. We see two main challenges:

  • Selecting the right-strategic sustainability KPIs. It is a huge challenge for boards to identify the key sustainability indicators (from KPI to KSI…) that are material for the firm and that will have an impact on its long-term existence and even performance.
  • It does not stop at the top and it does not stop with the bonus system. We see lots of opportunities to translate sustainability into rewards applicable to the broad employee base. Companies should do an in-depth exercise on how to make pay systems, but also employee benefits and non-financial rewards, more sustainability-driven.

Integrating sustainability into rewards is an intriguing topic. It is also a topic in need for knowledge development and experience exchange.


You can easily connect to the discussion through Zoom. The presentations in English will be followed by a testimonial and a co-creation session in French/Dutch.

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Eglantine Eeckhout

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