SAVE THE DATE What future for the banana? Reflection on the possible ambition levels for a Belgian initiative

Are bananas in danger? Bananas’ current societal impact, biodiversity losses and supply risks are all cause for worry… Time to take a closer look at this value chain! This long-awaited round table will be organised on 10 September.


We are pleased to announce that the postponed round table we are organising with IDH and the Laboratory of Tropical Crop Improvement to take a closer look at the banana value chain will take place on September 10th! The Shift, IDH and the Laboratory of Tropical Crop Improvement are convening different actors from the banana sector to see how we can work together to make the banana value chain more sustainable. The project will focus on the chain’s social and environmental aspects, including health, conditions of production, decent wages, biodiversity and carbon impact. Registrations will open in August.

For whom?

All organisations that are part of the banana value chain.

Why participate?

Bananas are one of the fruits Belgians eat and buy the most. Among thousands of products, bananas alone represent up to 1% of Belgian supermarkets’ sales. The Cavendish banana in particular is extremely popular: this variety is the most common one in Europe, as it’s best-suited to our current logistics chain and long-distance transport. Right now, however, a fungus threatens our beloved Cavendish banana, and producers’ living conditions are less than ideal… High time to act to safeguard the supply of sustainable bananas to our fruit bowls!


We want to encourage a multi-stakeholder partnership by gathering the different players in the sector for a round-table discussion. The goal is to have as big an impact as possible on the banana value chain. Sure, there are plenty of challenges – but we’re ready to tackle these head-on with the expertise and the strength of our network. What about you?

A more detailed program will be published in August. Contact Erik for more information.

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