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The Sustainable Development Goals: of, for and by everyone! Together with the FIDO, employer federations and civil society partners, we want to bring together all actors working on the SDGs at a large-scale event.


Of, for and by everyone: that is the SDG Forum’s baseline. The Belgian government, civil society organisations and the corporate sector together organise this day of interactive workshops, debates and panel discussions on the SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals. Discover how different actors in society see today’s major sustainability challenges – and find out what they do to safeguard our world.

The SDG Forum is organised by the FIDO (Belgium's Federal Institute of Sustainable Development), the Antwerp Management School (AMS), CIFAL Flanders, Perspective 2030, Associations 21, the VVSG (Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities), the FEB (Federation of Belgian Enterprises), BECI, the University of Antwerp (UA), Metro, the STG-FGF (Foundation for Future Generations), the Walloon Union of Businesses, VVN and VVN Youth.

Why participate?

We can all contribute – the SDGs are of, for and by everyone:

  • Of everyone – On behalf of their populations, 193 UN member states agreed on a new agenda on 25 September 2015. The agenda contains 17 goals to put our planet on track for sustainable development – with 2030 as a deadline.
  • For everyone – The agenda’s goals focus on the most important, pressing challenges facing us today, economically, socially and ecologically. The principle of “leaving no one behind” is essential. If we do not achieve these goals, this will severely affect us, our planet, and, most importantly, future generations.-       
  • By everyone – The SDGs are first and foremost a story written by us. Every individual, company, organisation, village, city or government can contribute something – especially by working together. The SDGs help us overcome the silo mentality. They invite us to engage in surprising partnerships to solve shared challenges.


Take part in the first large-scale forum on the SDGs in Belgium and meet potential partners for your societal projects. All day long, you are free to pick and choose from a range of activities. Be inspired and informed. Share knowledge and contact details. Let yourself and your organisation be challenged by the SDGs’ different topics.

At this first edition of the SDG Forum, we want to bring together all actors working on the SDGs to find out how we can join forces. Who knows: in the future, we might be organising new activities and taking action together.

Practical information

Who can participate?

Any individual or organisation interested in the SDGs, wanting to incorporate the goals into their activities or looking for new partners for future cooperation.


1050 Brussels

Tuesday October 23, 2018

Practical information



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