Webinar: Due Diligence: How to engage with your suppliers on sustainability?

How do you engage with your suppliers to mitigate environmental, social and governance risks in your supply chain? This webinar will explore the good practices and some concrete tools and examples to help you get started.

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Wondering how to go about making your supply chain more environmentally and socially sustainable? Or where do you start a Due Diligence process? This webinar is here to help, delving concretely into how to go about incorporating your suppliers (and their suppliers) into your sustainability strategy.

This webinar is the “next step” in our series of webinars on Due Diligence. After mapping your businesses’ suppliers, you will need to engage with them to assess and tackle ESG risks.

The webinar will start with a quick reminder on the supply chain mapping, then will explore the good practices in engaging with your suppliers (creating a code of conduct, defining criteria, understanding supplier’s reality, preparing a common roadmap…). We will then go into details with three testimonies from businesses, one very small business, one medium-sized business and a multinational company.

For whom?

This webinar is organized as part of the Belgian SDG Charter for International Development and therefore accessible to all.

Why participate?

The private sector has a crucial role to play in promoting sustainable development. Due diligence allows you to identify, prevent and minimise any actual or potential negative consequences of your company’s operations. In addition, companies need to prepare to upcoming EU legislation on Due Diligence. Engaging with your suppliers to identify and understand ESG risks and opportunities they are facing is a key step in developing a due-diligence strategy. This is a long, complex but essential process to contribute to the SDGs and good practices and examples exist and it is time for all actors to take action.



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Jessica Peters, Greenfish


Bruno Van Steenberghe, Kalani


Valérie Geluykens, JBC


Barbara Wettstein, Nestlé


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