Webinar: how to integrate biodiversity in your strategy?

This is the second meeting of our biodiversity programme for 2020. Together with a quartet of experts and field actors, we’ll explore concrete tools to integrate biodiversity in your organisation’s value chain.


Both at the Belgian and European level, several tools exist to assess your value chain’s impact on biodiversity. The goal of this meeting is to familiarise ourselves with these tools. The Shift has invited Antoine Lebrun, director of WWF Belgium, Lars Müller and Johan Lammerant, director and coordinator of the European Platform Business & Biodiversity, to present the existing tools and illustrate how you can use them to assess and improve your impact on biodiversity.

For whom?

Companies (from any sector and of any size, including service companies) and organisations working in the nature and biodiversity sector.

Why participate?

Our planet is under pressure. The current climate crisis shows how fragile we are as human beings, and how precarious our relationship is with the ecosystem we live in. Our society and economy endlessly benefit from nature, often free of charge. But what will happen in the future? Climate-related risks to businesses are increasing. To safeguard our beneficial relationship with nature’s ecosystem we need to acknowledge our dependency on it and take good care of it.


By joining our learning network on biodiversity in the value chain, you commit to:

  • Working to integrate biodiversity in your strategy
  • Taking one concrete initiative in favour of biodiversity in your value chain in 2020
  • Attending four meetings (January, May, October, December)

The Shift will be facilitating four meetings with the members of this learning network. We’ll empower you to integrate biodiversity in your value chain by presenting useful tools and information, connecting you with experts, facilitating partnerships and enabling the sharing of best practices. 

Are you ready to protect biodiversity? Join us on 27 May 2020! This digital meeting will take place via Zoom.


Welcome, The Shift

Introduction, Antoine Lebrun, Directeur WWF Belgium

The European Platform for Business & Biodiversity, Lars Müller

Tools to measure your impact on biodiversity, Johan Lammerant

Concrete case

How to embark your food suppliers towards regenerative farming practices, Macha Bertrand, Soil Capital

Q&A and conclusions

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Lara Piret

Practical information




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