The effects of megatrends on our society

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 7. Affordable and clean energy9. Innovation and infrastructure11. Sustainable cities and communities12. Responsible consumption and production13. Climate action

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The effects of megatrends on our society

At the end of 2015, ARGUS organised its final conference around the topic of megatrends: major trends which affect our society at a local and international level. As of this year, the ARGUS environmental forum is to be run by The Shift and several members of our network.

The ARGUS platform was set up by KBC and Cera at the end of the ’70s. Over the years the organisation expanded to form a reputed group of experts providing governments, companies and civil society with neutral information and inspiration regarding a sustainable, environmentally-friendly society.

On December 18, together with Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (Flemish Environmental Association), they organised a major conference on global megatrends which will significantly affect our social, environmental and economic resilience in coming decades. At the end of 2014, in the report “Megatrends: far-reaching but also elusive? How do they influence the environment in Flanders?” Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij mapped six megatrends affecting the societal systems of spatial planning, mobility, energy, production and consumption. Find out more about these megatrends in the following film:

During this conference, which took place at the headquarters of KBC in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, experts and various stakeholders exchanged ideas about these 6 themes. Hans Bruyninckx, the director of the European Environment Agency, kicked off with an inspiring keynote presentation about the achievements and challenges of environmental policy in Europe. Afterwards, participants could search for solutions in individual interactive workshops and catch up at the concluding networking reception.

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As of 2016, ARGUS’ projects and various initiatives will be embedded in the operation of GoodPlanet, Natuurpunt, WWF, Cera and The Shift. As the Belgian sustainability network, we are continuing ARGUS’ forum function and we keep developing their vision on themes such as a sustainable energy future and the circular economy. This will translate into our projects and publications.