A review of one year SDG Voices

A review of one year SDG Voices

In September 2016, in cooperation with the FIDO, we appointed eight organisations to publicize the SDGs in Belgium. Meanwhile we are a year further and they have demonstrated their commitment very clearly over the last year with a lot of fine campaigns. We want to take a quick look back. And forward!

The eight organizations were chosen in a two-stage selection procedure by a jury consisting of seventeen experts from civil society. According to the jury, these organisations had the most potential to publicize the SDGs in Belgium, as they reach a broad public. They are:

  • Bond Beter Leefmilieu
  • Goodplanet
  • StadGent
  • Duo for a Job
  • Colruyt Group
  • Mouvement d’Action Paysanne (MAP)
  • National Centre for Development Cooperation (CNCD)
  • 11.11.11.

Recent campaigns

The city of Ghent

The city of Ghent spared no effort to launch several sustainability initiatives. Between February and September 2017 it issued challenges to five Belgian cities in areas linked to the SDGs:

  • Dagen Zonder Vlees (Days Without Meat) - Ghent versus Sint-Niklaas
  • Iedereen Feminist (Everyone a Feminist) - Ghent versus Genk
  • Lesmarathon (Lesson Marathon) - Ghent versus Liege
  • Iedereen op de fiets (On Your Bike Everyone) - Ghent versus Ostend
  • Eet massaal sociaal (Let’s All Eat Socially) - Ghent versus Kortrijk


Bond Beter Leefmilieu is not only an SDG Voice but was also the mouthpiece of the SDG Voices. Their campaigns? What do you think of ‘Iedereen hernieuwbaar’ (Everyone renewable): a call to everyone to join their family or neighbours in giving sun and wind energy a boost, by investing in local renewable energy.

Another BBL public campaign that made people smile was ‘Zo dichtblij’ (So close happily). They organised a competition to encourage inhabitants to shop, engage in sports, relax and go out to eat in their own neighbourhoods more often. Local traders, public services, sports centres, restaurants, etc. could reward their customers or visitors with a lottery ticket. By registering their tickets online the participants had an opportunity to win a local, sustainable prize at the end of the campaign.

Colruyt Group

With other partners, Colruyt Group developed the game ‘Mobility is a serious game’. While playing the game, people, organizations and companies can explore solutions for their common mobility issues. The game creates bonds and empathy and throws up new ideas.


Goodplanet went into schools with a poster campaign to promote ‘Small smurfs big goals’. It is an amusing learning platform for pupils and teachers round sustainable themes.

Besides that, they organized the educational photo exhibition 'To Bee or not to Bee' in collaboration with partners. It took place in the Domain of the Caves of Han.


MAP made the SDGs the theme of their annual event ‘La Petite Foire’. Around 8,000 visitors learned more about ethically responsible, sustainable agriculture. They could relax with concerts, artistic performances, three café/restaurants, a children’s area, a camp site, a bar with a variety of local drinks and so on.

11.11.11 and CNCD-11.11.11

These two partners launched the Perspective2030 campaign together. Their goal is to encourage our governments to show Belgium’s contribution to sustainable development.  Environmental movements, women’s movements, youth representatives, poverty movements, trade unions, organisations for development cooperation and others support the campaign.

Duo for a job

Stand4Equality is the campaign video that Duo for a job and its partners put into the SDG mix. Their aim is to increase the focus on fair work, economic growth and the reduction of inequality.

Time to celebrate

To celebrate a year of SDG Voices, we launched the social media campaign MieuxisBeter together. Our aim was to publicly celebrate all those who contribute every day to the creation of a sustainable society. We called on everyone to write a word of thanks to a person or organisation that they admire for their efforts. In total there were over 5000 reactions on Facebook (Likes, comments, shares, mentions, etc.).

Call for a second year

A call for six new candidates to become SDG Voices for the 2018 edition is currently launched. Both companies and other organisations can submit their candidacies if they want to make the broader public more familiar with the SDGs. Submit your candidacy by 26 October. After that a jury will appoint the six organisations with the most convincing initiative as SDG Voice 2018.