A roadmap to raise staff awareness

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: Transversal
A roadmap to raise staff awareness

How can the next generation encourage a company’s transition to a sustainable future? Discover the answer in the roadmap young members of Generation T created during ‘Festival Maintenant! 2019’ in collaboration with Springtime.

Starting point: a quest for balance and meaning

Young people working for companies today distinguish themselves from older employees by their dual quest for work-life balance and meaning in life. In some cases, young workers find these two values important enough to think twice about joining a company they doubt has the capacity to evolve and question major global challenges. There’s a major danger in this: on the one hand, companies risk losing talent and missing out on opportunities to become more sustainable; on the other hand, young people risk losing their motivation and going against their personal values.

Reason behind the project

So how can the next generation – represented by the Generation T network – fuel the debate on the upcoming transition? By asking direct questions like “How can we communicate our conviction that making the transition to a sustainable future is necessary?”, “How can we convince managers to take action?” or “What are the most common obstacles and barriers and how can we overcome these?”.

And we’re off!

The four phases recommended by the roadmap set out an iterative process: starting off with several rounds of observation, then proposing and executing several actions. These “quick wins” are meant to prevent impatience, test proposals and evaluate the way they get approved; where needed, the process can then be tweaked and improved. As with the Lean Start-Up method, the phases allow for an initial MVP (Minimum Value Proposition) to be identified and developed, after which it can be improved and developed in greater detail.

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