The end of an Era?

The end of an Era?

To mark her departure from The Shift, our co-director, Sabine Denis, invited the members for a debate on transition. Along with some young change makers from Generation T and the authors of the book Comment tout peut s’effondrer (How everything could collapse), a large number of CEOs and other members of our network considered what a common future might look like.

Earth overshoot, the growing gap between rich and poor, the clash of civilisations… More and more ominous voices are being raised in social debate. Alarmist or legitimate concern? In early June we invited our members to a big debate about transition at the FEB in Brussels. Along with some researchers and the young people from Generation T, the many managers and other members present debated the possible scenarios.

Do we still envisage a common future?

And how fast will we get there, or not? Several speakers got the conversation going. First the academics and collapsologists Pablo Servigne and Raphael Stevens sounded out the findings in their book Comment tout peut s’effondrer with us. Then four change makers from our young people’s network Generation T shared some powerful testimonies, based on their own experiences and a poll amongst their members.

Sabine Denis, who had done the introduction, closed the debate with the words “I am neither optimistic, nor pessimistic about the future. I am hopeful, because ‘hope’ means embracing the unknown (…). If we want something to change, then hope is the beginning. Because it is there that we can intervene in the future.”

2017.06 Sabine Denis: End of an Era
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