Belgian NGOs and companies show ambition in the fight against climate change

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 7. Affordable and clean energy9. Innovation and infrastructure13. Climate action

Priorities for change:
Belgian NGOs and companies show ambition in the fight against climate change

In early November the Paris climate accord was officially ratified, precisely one year after its signing at the end of 2015. The signatories have put concrete plans on the table at the COP22 in Marrakech to keep global warming below the critical threshold of 2°C. At this occasion, we produced a status report on the actions undertaken by the members of our climate coalition.

The Paris Climate Summit (COP21) resulted in November 2015 in an ambitious climate agreement. During the course of last year, the Shift, supported by 120 Belgian companies, NGO’s and academic institutions, urged this in an open letter to the Belgian negotiators. The signatories also committed themselves to reduce their own emissions.

During the follow-up meeting The Road to Brussels in May, we drew up a first status report. We also provided some tools to help businesses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate actions that go beyond the policy

Members of our coalition met again on November 7, the start date of the COP22. We first gauged their different initiatives around carbon reduction with a survey. This showed that many of them have already made far-reaching commitments, that even partly exceed the obligations imposed by government policy.

In this way 1 in 2 of those surveyed have already adapted their strategic policy based on this climate commitment. More than 2 in 3 respondents to the survey have calculated their CO2 footprint and a lot of them have also linked concrete objectives to it to reduce their emissions.

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After this status report, we explored the possibilities for cooperation between members of our coalition to reduce their CO2 emissions further. A number of concrete steps were proposed around mobility, urban planning, carbon pricing and divesting from fossil fuels.

Do you also have concrete ambitions to help in the transition to a low carbon economy? Then please contact Lara Piret to see how your organisation can contribute!

COP22 Marrakech

The COP22 took place in Marrakech from 7 to 18 November. All relevant information about this climate summit is available on their official website.