CEOs of companies and social organisations want to create more work for vulnerable people

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 4. Quality education10. Reduced inequalities

Priorities for change:
CEOs of companies and social organisations want to create more work for vulnerable people

Fifty CEOs of companies and employment organisations have committed themselves to a greater focus on vulnerable people, such as low-skilled young people, refugees and people with disabilities, in the employment market. They are doing this via the charter Decent Work for All, which they handed to the Federal Minister for Employment, Kris Peeters, at a lunch on the 5th of December.

In our country, many interesting initiatives for facilitating access to the employment market already exist today. Unfortunately, they remain highly fragmented and small-scale. There is therefore an urgent need for better collaboration between the various actors, making it easier for job-seekers and employers to find each other.

For this reason, we encourage our members to expand existing partnerships involving sustainable job creation and to launch new collaborations. Together with Accenture, we set up the charter Decent Work for All, which offers our members common ground to create better work for everyone. During a meeting with Minister Kris Peeters at Proximus, more than 50 organisations committed themselves by way of this charter to working together on an inclusive recruitment policy, thus making the workplace a reflection of the diversity found in society.

Decent work for everyone: local interpretation of an international goal

Each actor will contribute according to their specific expertise and capabilities. This may range from offering an internship to voluntary coaching of employees or providing free services and expertise to social organisations. All partnerships which will arise from this, fit the sustainability agenda of the UN. One of these Sustainable Development Goals is to create decent work for everyone by 2030, regardless of background, education or disabilities.

Would you like more information about the charter and the partnerships which can arise or be scaled up from it? Then please contact Lara Piret.