Retrospective view on our resilience program

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Retrospective view on our resilience program

Over the past few months, The Shift has launched a new series of events focusing on personal resilience: A drop of resilience. Through five activities, which took place both virtually and in real life, this series tried to put people back at the centre of transition.

The year 2020 had a negative impact on the energy level of many of our members, who felt a crucial lack of human contact. Thanks to the presence within our community of several organisations active in the field of personal resilience, we were able to quickly put together a program to meet this need to re-connect.

During these five meetings, participants were able to learn about different methods and tools to increase their own resilience, as well as the one of their colleagues or loved ones, to exchange in small groups about their current reality and to connect with each other on a deeper level. It was indeed a great opportunity to talk with peers about the subject of transition, approached from a more personal angle, rather towards inner transition.

It was a great and instructive experience for our team to address this topic, which is relevant given the difficult context. A way of highlighting the work of some members and boosting the energy of others and ourselves.
Below is a brief overview of the different sessions, as well as links to more information on the methods or techniques discussed by our members.

A Drop of Resilience 1: Inner peace and connection as the basis for resilience

A first introductory session covering some breathing and meditation techniques to find inner peace and connect with others in this state of mind, guided by Frédérique Charlier, co-founder of True Talk and certified trainer of Search Inside YourselfTM. For more information on the Search Inside Yourself method, click here.

A Drop of Resilience 2: Increase your resilience, motivation and performance

A human exchange of experiences and learning processes, based on the rich experience of our national basketball team captain Ann Wauters, consultant for the Resilience Institute Europe (RIE). More information about the Resilience Institute Europe, the resilience spiral and their activities can be found here.

A Drop of Resilience 3: the Posi essentials to face the future resiliently

A session aimed at listening to and understanding our three brains - mind, emotions and gut - in order to get to know ourselves better and connect with others, guided by Geert, Jan and Joost from Posi & Friends. For more information about the Posi & Friends project and their animations for young and old, click here.

A Drop of Resilience 4 & 5: Deeptime walk: a journey through the history of the earth

Two walks led by Sabine, Jana, Anne-Kirstine and Aurèle of the Schumacher Sprouts to delve into the history of our Earth, to place ourselves as a species back in history and to see the wonder of life with new eyes. If you would like to organise this walk with your own organisation or friends, you can discover all you need to know here.

This series was meant to connect our members during this difficult period of consecutive lockdowns. We end them with a smile, now that the sanitary situation once again allows us to organise events in real life and talk face-to-face about our sustainability issues, which is at the core of our mission.

We invite you to contact our members working on this topic if you would like to follow a course within your organisation or as an individual. For your information, here is a list of members who coach individuals or organisations on the topic of resilience:

Thanks again to Frédérique, Ann, Geert, Jan, Joost, Sabine, Anne-Kirstine, Jana and Aurèle for sharing their expertise and advice with our 250 participants!

Hopefully we will see you again soon at one of the next activities of The Shift!

Ps. Is your organisation a member of The Shift, does it support individuals and organisations in the field of resilience and is your name not mentioned above? Let Lara know!