Members kick-off 2016 at our New Year’s Event

Members kick-off 2016 at our New Year’s Event

Our New Year reception, which took place on Thursday, 14th of January 2016, was our first meeting of the year with all the members of our network. This was not only an opportunity for The Shift to send our best wishes to all our members, but also to mark the beginning of this New Year in an inspiring setting that matches our ambitions.

The event took place at the majestic Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, which provided an idyllic backdrop for beginning a promising new year. We brought together our members in a welcoming venue, offering them innovative content via the exhibition entitled 2050, A Brief History of the Future. The exhibition, based on the eponymous book by Jacques Attali, uses contemporary art as a medium for reflection and traces the history of our future, which inevitably invites us to question the society in which we live.

"Last year was the year to CONNECT - 2016 will be the year to COMMIT - so we can keep realising CHANGE in the future."

Thomas Leysen

With these words Thomas Leysen, Chairman of our Board of Directors, first welcomed our members. After which our Co-Executive Directors Sabine Denis and David Leyssens presented the various initiatives of The Shift for 2016, as well as the organisation's long-term ambitions. Our reception was also an opportunity for our members to see one another again at the beginning of the year, and to discuss forthcoming projects in a friendly atmosphere, while discovering the programme for our forthcoming activities.