Members determine priorities together at General Assembly

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change:
Members determine priorities together at General Assembly

What should our society look like by 2030, the deadline for the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Which changes are our top priorities? And what will be next? We debated these questions and more with our members and the young change-makers of Generation T.

What are our ‘Priorities for Change’?

In 2017, we developed a priority list with our Board of Directors, to facilitate the transition to a sustainable society and economy. These priorities were our response to important questions:


  • What do we need to change most urgently to create sustainable mobility, energy supply, food and employment?


  • In which area can we, our members and our partners make the biggest impact?


By prioritising, we offer our members better insight into the project choices we make and the levers that are available within our network.

How does Generation T see transition?

Of course, we went beyond this simple exercise. The young change-makers of Generation T complemented our priorities with their vision on the future. This allows us to think beyond the 2030 deadline of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Inspiring discussions during the GA

At the end of May, our network gathered for our annual General Assembly. An excellent opportunity to start a debate about these priorities with our members and some young representatives of Generation T!

In interactive sessions, we illustrated our priorities within two concrete themes: energy and employment. A member of Generation T then presented a challenging question or proposition to include in the discussions on each theme. Next, our members formed smaller groups to debate which solutions they felt were most sustainable.

Afterwards, our members continued their discussions during the networking reception. Scroll down for a few photos of the event.

Do you have any additional questions or comments about our ‘Priorities for Change’ as a member of our network? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!