Recap of our General Assembly

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: Transversal
Recap of our General Assembly

« The Shift’s strength lies in its members – more than ever, we need to join forces to survive this crisis. »‚Äč

Inspiring initiatives

This year in particular, the General Assembly was an opportunity to thank our members for participating in such large numbers in our (digital) activities, and for launching and supporting so many initiatives of their own during this crisis.

A need for radically different business models

Our Director, Marie Delvaulx, emphasised a crucial point: “While we love being there for you, supporting you in this transition and making sure you have access to the the tools you need, we also want to stress that we’re facing an emergency. To make the shift before it’s too late, we must develop new and radically different business models.” She added that “the current situation is proof of the fact that radical change can happen – and can happen fast. Now is the time for us to join forces, to meet today’s as well as tomorrow’s demands. In this, solidarity and creativity are of the essence.”

As usual, we took stock of the last twelve months together, after which our members officially approved the past year’s results. They also voted in favour of our proposed Activity Calendar and budget for 2020.

The Change Makers 2020 make their entry

Next up during our online General Assembly was a presentation by the Change Makers 2020. These 30 young idealists (age 18-35), who were selected after a call for applications, will get to make use of our platform for an entire year, starting now. They’ll expand their network, inspire our members and get inspired in return. They’ll be able to cooperate with a wide range of individuals and organisations to increase the impact of their own sustainability projects. Thanks to our partner Act4Change, the Changemakers will also have the opportunity to hone their skills and help each other out through peer-to-peer discussions, allowing them to share their story with the world in the most effective way. Catherine Naveau (The Shift) commented: “More than ever, we’re looking to develop a mutually beneficial relationship, in which all parties get to learn from each other.”

Get challenged!

Finally, we launched an appeal targeting organisations up for putting a youthful spin to their sustainability strategy. As part of the so-called CEO Challenge, our Changemakers will scrutinise these sustainability strategies, suggesting creative ways to improve them and engaging in constructive dialogue with the organisations’ management. Want more information? Catherine will be happy to help you out.

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