Serious game helps people work together on mobility

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Serious game helps people work together on mobility

This spring some committed people put their heads together to help find a fun way to unravel the mobility tangle in Belgium. Professor Cathy Macharis of the VUB, Koen De Maesschalck from Colruyt Group and Miguel Vertriest from Flanders’ sustainable mobility network (Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit), plus 3 other partners, have developed a game called Mobility is a Serious Game.

Under the guidance of Sandra Schruijer, professor at the University of Utrecht, they investigated how people, organisations and companies could find solutions for common mobility issues while having fun. They developed a mobility game that is intended to bind people, create empathy and generate new ideas. After an extensive test phase, the game Mobility is a Serious Game was officially presented at the Mobility congress that Colruyt Group and the Flanders’ sustainable mobility network jointly organised on 21 June.

Would you like to play Mobility is a Serious Game?

Member organisations of The Shift can receive a free board game. If you aren’t a member of our network (yet), you can order one for €25/piece. Please contact Delphine Geyts for orders or more information.

Below you will find an introduction with the rules of the game and a digital version of the game board. You can download it and print out the parts separately before use.

0_Game Box.pdf
| 51.7mb
| 14.6mb
2_Game Board.pdf
| 87.1mb
3_Action Cards.pdf
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4_Disruptive Cards.pdf
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6_Name Cards.pdf
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