Who wants to contribute to sustainable job creation for vulnerable people?

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 8. Decent work and economic growth10. Reduced inequalities

Priorities for change:
Who wants to contribute to sustainable job creation for vulnerable people?

On 14 September, some thirty members got together to address the employment and integration of vulnerable people. During our Change Lab Decent Work for All, we looked at how we could bring potential talents and employers closer together. Participants also got the very first presentation of Talent2Connect.

How could a ‘collective solution’ strengthen existing initiatives and innovative partnerships in the field of employment? At the start of the workshop, some participants introduced a few ideas. They presented their own initiatives in order to convince potential partners for a project or partnership.

A range of initiatives for job creation

Twelve different initiatives and ideas were pitched:

  1. Art2Work, Aurore Di Giusto
  2. DUO for a JOB, Frédéric Simonart
  3. YouthStart, Peter Geeroms
  4. Co-Vibes, Ronny Leyman
  5. Rising You(th), Benjamin Gérard
  6. SmartBE, Annelies De Brabandere
  7. ViaVia Tourism Academy, Hannelore Akkermans
  8. Maks vzw, Veerle Van Kets
  9. Experience@Work, Inge Janssens
  10. De Werkplekarchitecten, Bert Boone
  11. Binario, Katleen Van Waeyenberge
  12. DiversiCom, Marie-Laure Jonet

Presentation Talent2Connect

During the second part of the workshop, we challenged the participants to go beyond their own individual agendas. This was followed by the very first presentation of Talent2Connect.

Talent2Connect is a new national initiative. It allows various organisations from the public, private and social sectors to work together to build bridges between unused talents and employers. They tackle this complex challenge together. A digital platform has been built for this purpose. Talents can register online.

They are then directed to the right support initiative based on their needs, skills and professional ambition. Mentoring is an essential part of this. An experienced professional (mentor) helps talents (mentees) to achieve their professional goal. Talent2Connect also includes training programmes for those who have the passion but have not yet got the right skills. 

This initiative is creating a unique movement in Belgium. Employers want to make a social impact by deploying some employees as mentors and giving others training opportunities. Social organisations are also getting the chance to share their expertise where needed.

Implementation of partnership pilot projects

The Change Lab achieved some nice results. New partnerships were formed between social organisations and companies, knowledge and expertise were shared, and commitments were made to the Talent2Connect platform.

The next step consists in the launch of the Talent2Connect website and a database tool. More about that later!

Do you want to know more about our Decent Work for All projects? Or do you want to find out what Talent2Connect could mean for your organisation? Then contact Charlotte Vroemans for more information.