Tips and tricks for partnerships

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Tips and tricks for partnerships

Promoting partnerships and establishing sustainable co-creations is in The Shift’s DNA. We therefore offer partnership tools such as 'Partnering for Impact' or 'Smart Collaboration Principles' and organise the Sustainable Partnerships Award.

Since 2013 we have been compiling the most innovative partnerships between companies and non-profit organisations by way of the Sustainable Partnerships Award. On the occasion of the 2016 edition, i-propeller investigated how the profit and non-profit sector in Belgium are considering co-creation. More than 200 companies and non-profit organisations shared their insights via this survey.

Three-quarters of those surveyed have indicated that they cooperate with other organisations regarding relevant social and/or environmental challenges. For non-profit organisations, partnerships are a highly tangible means of creating impact and achieving organisational objectives. For companies, the main motivation is enhancing their reputation and improving relationships with stakeholders. A significant number of business leaders also sees cooperation as the driver for strengthening competitiveness, achieving sales growth and being key to innovation.

Partnering for Impact: toolkit supported by MVO Vlaanderen

There is great potential for large-scale collaboration among the many initiatives that come under the spotlight by way of the Sustainable Partnerships Award. To expand this, we have developed the toolkit ‘Partnering for Impact’ with the support of MVO Vlaanderen. Following this methodology, we now explore the scale-up of a number of projects. Via the following link, you will find the topics around which our members are developing existing partnerships.

Conditions for constructive collaboration

On the lookout for specific tips for setting up a partnership? In the toolkit 'Smart Collaboration Principles' you will find 7 basic principles for smart partnerships. Together with Antwerp Management School, we have compiled input from companies, NGOs and academic institutions and developed a simple method for successful partnerships.

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