Co-Vibes passionately shapes new working and collaboration formats enabling organisations to develop and deploy talent in an economic context. Our first format is The Young Vibes, which gives young graduates the opportunity to use and develop their talents in a number of real business projects. This way they gain a first intense work experience as consultant and get to explore the business world. For the participating companies it's an innovative, qualitative and cost effective solution in tackling challenges and discovering opportunities. Moreover it's an entrepreneurial contribution in tackling youth unemployment.


The Shift helps members to make use of the global framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to map their societal ambitions.

8. Decent work and economic growth

By giving young graduates the opportunity to discover their talents and gain a first work experience, we bridge the gap between higher education and the labour market, enabling companies and young graduates to deploy young talent. We believe that focusing on talent and self-confidence leads to a structural higher probability of activation.

9. Innovation and infrastructure

We create innovative working and collaboration formats that enable companies to deploy young talent in our fast changing, open and connected economy. Talent is central in our approach, and we believe that creating a win-win for both parties is crucial to have a sustainable impact on our society.

8. Decent work and economic growth

By our commitment to the Charter ‘Decent Work for All, we recognize the unique skills and talent every person can offer, regardless their gender, age, sexual orientation, cultural or social background, disability, or personal situation. We acknowledge that all actors from different sectors –private, social, public -need to join forces to integrate unemployed people in the labour market and address the obstacles to professional integration. We want to build well-connected ecosystems in which we collaborate to increase social impact. We express our commitment towards Decent work for all, including inclusive recruiting, and we will act in accordance of the charter. This means to us, as an actor of private sector, striving actively to create decent and sustainable jobs in an inclusive work environment, to reflect the diversity of our society in the workforce and to embed “Decent work for all” in the company culture. As one with all actors, we will define and communicate a target and action plan for inclusive recruiting to reflect the diversity of society in the workforce. We will leverage the organization’s resources to have an impact on decent work for all (internships, expertise, volunteering, lobbying, funding). We will contact other organizations to create or join the ecosystem to reach the target for inclusive workforce (recruiting and retention). We will share best practices with other organizations to inforce the ecosystem for decent work. We will report on results and lessons learned to decision makers in the companies and our country.