The Belgian dredging, environmental and marine engineering group DEME is an international market leader for complex marine engineering works. Driven by worldwide societal challenges, DEME has transformed from solely and dredging and land reclamation company to a worldwide operating multidisciplinary and innovative marine engineering and environmental group. Thanks to an integrated company structure, our DEME-group positions itself as a “one stop” solution provider: tackling the societal challenges of our world today shifts our engagement from a dredging contractor towards an early involved developer and manager of integrated blue infra projects. By engaging nature in our works, DEME does not just alter the environment but shapes this environment to deliver ecosystem services (benefits supplied by nature to human wellbeing). DEME has a leading position in a number of highly specialized and complex hydraulic disciplines. In the next decades, the world will be facing major challenges such as the effects of climate change and scarcity of resources. Through innovative thinking and groundbreaking technology DEME is offering sustainable solutions in response to these future needs in various fields such as soil and sediment remediation, water treatment, coastal protection, development of green and blue energy, offshore dredging of gravel and sand, deep sea harvesting of minerals and creation of land in densely populated regions, ports and industries.


The Shift helps members to make use of the global framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to map their societal ambitions.

3. Good health

Within the context of the projects, our QHSE-goal is to have zero-incidents/accidents on site. Dedicated communication with specific working tools presents running safety campaigns: CHILD (“Colleagues Help Injuries to Leave Deme) is a good example of our active engagement. Medical follow-up of all employees as a crucial part of our HR-policy. In the framework of the running Health campaign “DEME on the move”, several initiatives are set up in order to invite all employees to commit to be fit. Every year several initiatives are presented and offered to our employees.

14. Life below water

As DEME, focusing on dredging and marine engineering projects, mainly operates in (sensitive) ecosystems the internationally accepted concept of Ecosystem Services has a great potential as it allows engaging nature based solutions activelyin the projects and to include, restore and enhance the delivery of ecosystem services as an essential part of the project.

15. Life on land

Ecosystems and their services will play a key role in planning, development and decisions on future projects! Doing so, by engaging environmental services (as delivered by nature) actively in the works, new opportunities are created for the project.

7. Affordable and clean energy

GHG emissions will be dramatically reduced by the production of green and blue energy. DEME is also a pioneer in generating blue (wave and tidal) energy and is constantly looking for solutions to complex energy issues such as renewable energy storage.

9. Innovation and infrastructure

At DEME, we have been working offshore for more than a century. And the one constant during that period has been continuous improvement in the technology and processes we employ. These innovations enabled us to do more, to work deeper and to do it better than we have done in the past. But DEME’s definition of innovation goes far beyond the traditional technical or technological categories. Novel solutions to improve quality systems, financing tools, people issues, to name but a few, are equally important. And so are our many small or incremental innovations. In the Innovation Diver competition, our DEME employees are challenged to present and share their brilliant innovative ideas on our current way of working. Doing so, the creative potential of every DEME Group employee is identified and promoted within the group. Eligible ideas were scored on their innovative character and their impact & benefit for the company.

17. Partnerships for the goals

Actively engaging stakeholders in our projects and their management is implemented on different levels: 1) Project related contacts are identified and recognized as crucial elements towards a successful integrated, adaptive project development, realization and management. 2). Local (indigenous) people are maximally engaged in running projects – not only to deploy our corporate social responsibility as such, but to explore technical operational knowledge, site specific field experience or efficient logistics or catering. 3) Open communication with international NGO’s is systematically scheduled - targeting a mutual respect and understanding, identifying common grounds and sharing benefits and common risk in a joint decision making. Our shareholders become our first stakeholders in an intense mutual consultation with our management, leading to a clear long-term vision and strategy for the DEME-group. Permanent reinvestment in the company reflects the confidence in the future.