Elia is Belgium’s high-voltage transmission system operator (30 kV to 380 kV), operating over 8,000 km of lines and underground cables throughout Belgium. Our company plays a crucial role in the community by transmitting electricity from generators to distribution systems, which in turn deliver it to the consumer. Elia also plays an essential part in the economy, as our system supplies power directly to major companies connected to the grid. Boasting a pivotal location in Europe, Elia is also a key player in the energy market and the interconnected electricity system. Our company has set up multiple initiatives promoting the development of an efficient, transparent and fair electricity market for the benefit of consumers. Elia employs more than 1,100 professionals in Belgium who are not only committed to dealing with future challenges but who also handle the day-to-day operation of a system considered to be one of the most reliable in Europe.


The Shift helps members to make use of the global framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to map their societal ambitions.

17. Partnerships for the goals

Elia is a key actor in the energie transition in Belgium. This involves adapting the existing energy infrastructure grid to a grid that is more suited to incorporate increasing amounts of renewable energy and a grid that is more integrated in a European grid. This involves executing infrastructure projects across the country. Those infrastructure projects can have a significant impact on landscapes and local communities. Hence, working with the local communities becomes vital in obtaining the necessary "license to operate". Without these partnerships with the local communities, Elia will be seriously hindered in its role in the energy transition. It is hence Elia's ambition to adapt its "modus operandus" to enable the formation of (local) partnerships in order to obtain our "license to operate" in the energy transition.

7. Affordable and clean energy

Elia's long term (public) investment plans will enable the integration of large scale renewable energy on the Belgian electricity grid. Without these investments, large scale centralised renewable energy developments (eg windmill parks) will not take place.

9. Innovation and infrastructure

Elia will be investing approximately 10bn Euro in Belgium & Germany the coming 10 years in building new infrastructure or upgrading the existing grids. These changes to the grids are essential to prepare them for the energy transition in both countries. This involves introducing new technology, resulting in reduced grid losses, more efficient maintenace protocols and infrastructure that has a reduced impact on the landscape. In addition, novel social innovation approaches will be explored (see partnerships) to obtain the necessary "license to operate".

15. Life on land

Elia will apply the "sustainable corridor management" approach to all its lines in Belgium that cross wooded areas. This novel approach (tested out in the Life Elia project) turns infrastructure corridor landscape scars into biodiversity corridors which benefit not only nature, but local stakeholders too. Elia will apply this approach to another 460km of corridors in Wallonia (on top of the existing 213km), during the coming years. The potential in Flanders is less, and is still being mapped. The ambition is to apply this approach in Flanders as well.