SNEW specializes itself in recycling of IT and telecom equipment with CSR deeply rooted in the corporate DNA. By using a circular model, which we have developed ourselves, raw materials of existing equipment will be reused instead of consumed. This makes us unique: where the equipment is normally immediately recycled, we will give the equipment a second (or even a third) life. We are currently active within the Netherlands, Belgium and Africa. Through our partnerships in Africa, we are able to provide the solution for the core of the e-waste problem. We intend to apply this concept worldwide and keep improving it so that we no longer have to exhaust the earth. This s also the vision of our company. The staff consists of 10 motivated and enthusiastic employees and also the partnerships we enter into with companies such as; recycle company Galloo, 't Veer which is a sheltered workshop for all your needs and ICT assist which provides solutions when it comes to ICT. ‘Sharing is multiplying’ is a term that applies to SNEW and that means that we will grow more!


The Shift helps members to make use of the global framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to map their societal ambitions.

1. End poverty

We see our concept as development aid since we collaborate with the concerning country for a better economy. Who can do that better than the local people themselves? We cooperate with development aid organization 1We – One World Experience on this field to support the local talented people in their development. By earning their own money by working, they can buy food and other nourishments.

12. Responsible consumption and production

Our goal is to achieve an economy in which materials remain in the cycle and where a minimal of new resources are added to it, is an example of responsible consumption and production. By taking responsibility of our use of IT and Telecom equipment, we can achieve this!

4. Quality education

By giving the local people access to communication and by training them in our ICT learning workshops they can become experienced ITers. They can then transfer this knowledge to other people. So eventually, we will be creating work for everyone. A computer education will be provided by 1We – One World Experience as well.

8. Decent work and economic growth

With an education of SNEW they can find a job within the IT-sector so the prospect of a good job increases. These jobs will lead to even more jobs considering the unprocessed raw materials (waste) in developing countries.

13. Climate action

By putting the raw materials in a reuse system instead of a misuse system, the lifecycle of the equipment is extended. The benefit of this is that the manufacturing can be reduced, which also will reduce the CO2 footprint. We cannot be sure yet by how much per cent the footprint will be reduced, but we will reduce it for sure!

17. Partnerships for the goals

Considering the fact that the world population continues to grow and grow, we will run out 30% of raw materials within 20 years. We should be able to stop this, and that’s something we can not do without working together. SNEW is aware of the fact that it is the key to success and therefore likes to enter into dialogue.