We are marketing consultants. Our mission is to accelerate consumers' shift to sustainable solutions (SDG12) by using multinationals' marketing science to touch the (less involved) masses.


The Shift helps members to make use of the global framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to map their societal ambitions.

12. Responsible consumption and production

WE BELIEVE Change of behavior needs to cascade from early (convinced) adopters to the mass-consumer or 'early majority' in order to have a significant impact on the planet. A PRODUCT HAS TO BECOME A NEED Brilliant engineers often think a good product will sell itself. In a information-overload economy, with 6000+ messages / day, high inertia in human habits, attention has become an economy. Marketing skills are vital to reach scale beyond the niche of eco-conscious consumers. what we do ​We are strategic marketing advisors. ​We inject proven marketing strategies into ANY sector to innovate & differentiate your marketing. We bring you 20 years of marketing experience from 20+ sectors. As industry-naive experts, we question industry-accepted rules, challenge your business model through the eyes of the customer & aim for immediate value by enriching your marketing approach with a variety of tactics from parallel categories (unrelated, but who resolved similar marketing issues).