The University of Peace was founded in 1960 by Dominique PIRE (Belgian Nobel Laureate for Peace in 1958) and Raymond VANDERELST (free thinker). Our goal is, through dialogue, to help create and maintain the conditions for Peace. The UP is the leading Belgian training organization in the field of conflict prevention and positive conflict management. We provide kids, teenagers and adults with high research-based training programmes in fields like socio-emotional competencies, mediation, non-violent communication, workplace tensions management, ...


The Shift helps members to make use of the global framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to map their societal ambitions.

4. Quality education

By developing social abilities -through programmes like 'Vivre Ensemble' (Living Together) or 'Graines de Médiateurs' (Mediators' seeds), school bullying prevention programmes, mediation by peers: teaching kids -starting with toddlers-, teenagers and adults how to manage conflicts differently, how to create a serene learning environment and harmonious relationships

16. Peace, justice & strong institutions

Education to peace and consciousness, violence prevention and positive conflict management help grow responsible citizens who are better equipped to live together

3. Good health

Preventing & managing conflict, building socio-emotional competencies, managing stress and workplace conflicts all contribute to greater well-being and psycho-social risks prevention

17. Partnerships for the goals

Our goal is to contribute to systemic changes. We do this through geographic partnerships (in France, Luxembourg, Finland, ...), academic (research), public (government) and private partnerships through a collaborative approach for a global impact