In December last year, some fifty CEOs and employment organisations made a commitment regarding the Decent Work for All Charter. This was a signal to Minister Peeters that the only way to get vulnerable people into the employment market is through cooperation.

How to scale up existing partnerships?

Early this year, on the initiative of Accenture, twelve signatories looked into how existing partnerships could be scaled up to become collective solutions. Their proposal: facilitate and scale up the sustainable integration of vulnerable people on the job market by working together in a collective of private, public and social actors. Like this, individual initiatives for the employment of vulnerable people, such as Discover Your Talent or Rising You, are gathered in one place and it is easier for job seekers to find their way to this diverse offering.

Two tracks in development

A group of signatories have been involved in this exercise in two ways:

1. Mentoring

With mentoring we mean employees of a company or organisation that coach people looking for a job. They guide them on a monthly basis and advise them during their search for employment. The collective developed a digital tool that will speed up and facilitate the interaction between talent and the employment market. Objective:

• Both the available talent and companies find the project that best suits them

• Mentors can register directly

• The mentoring projects can follow up their activities efficiently


2. On-the-Job Training


Some companies are constantly looking for new talent and offer job-specific training. There are various initiatives where companies work with social and public partners. With the group we look at how we can connect and scale up these initiatives.

Gathering initiatives under the umbrella of Collective Impact Solutions

We also want to identify other initiatives that can contribute to the objectives of the collective. During a Change Lab on 14 September, for example, we invited all the signatories of the charter to take a closer look at the potential for concrete partnerships. The workshop began with the pitching of twelve interesting initiatives. In the second part, the digital platform Talent2Connect was presented for the first time.

The Change Lab achieved some nice results:

•          The referral of talents to partners

•          New partnerships between social organisations and companies

•          The sharing of knowledge and expertise

•          Commitment to Talent2Connect-platform

In the coming months, we want to further develop the Talent2Connect website and the database tool. More about that later!