In December last year, some fifty CEOs and employment organisations made a commitment regarding the Decent Work for All Charter. This was a signal to Minister Peeters that the only way to get vulnerable people into the employment market is through cooperation.

How to scale up existing partnerships?

Early this year, on the initiative of Accenture, twelve signatories looked into how existing partnerships could be scaled up to become collective solutions. Their proposal was to map out all the different areas of action for the sustainable integration of vulnerable people into the job market via a Collective Impact Solutions platform. Like this, individual initiatives for the employment of vulnerable people, such as Discover Your Talent or Rising You(th), are gathered in one place and it is easier for job seekers to find their way to this diverse offering.

Two current activities

A group of signatories have been involved in this exercise in two ways:

1. Individual mentoring

The group is working on a digital tool that will speed up and facilitate the interaction between talent and the employment market. The first version will offer an overview of the different mentoring projects in Belgium.

This way,

  • both the available talent and companies will be available to find the project that best suits them,
  • mentors will be able to register directly and
  • the mentoring projects will be able to follow up their activities efficiently.


The tool will also help to involve employees (better) in existing mentoring activities.

2. On-the-Job Training

Some companies are constantly looking for new talent and offer job-specific training. There are various initiatives where companies work with social and public partners. With the group we look at how we can connect and upscale these initiatives.

We also want to identify other initiatives that could contribute to the group’s objectives. We are thinking, for example, of skills and competence assessments, personality tests or other innovative ways to discover and develop the skills and attitudes of talented people.

So do not hesitate to tell Charlotte about your ideas and initiatives.

Next step: Participate in our Change Lab ‘Decent Work for All’ on 14 September

We invite all the signatories of the charter to test the potential for concrete partnerships during a Change Lab on 14 September.

In addition to Accenture, the following key players also endorse the need for a collective solution in Belgium: Iris Group, Engie, Randstad, Securex, IBM, Proximus, IKEA, VDAB, Actiris, the Flemish agency for integration and civic education (Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering), YouthStart, Ashoka, King Baudouin Foundation, VBO, microStart and The Shift.

Would you like to collaborate with Decent Work for All? Contact Charlotte Vroemans at The Shift or Charlotte Vermeulen at Accenture.