Rising You provides young refugees  with the skills to take on exciting work at height. From painting high-voltage masts, to installing telecom structures or doing maintenance of windmills. Adventurous jobs, right up the alley of enterprising young people.


1 in 5 unemployed young people in Flanders have roots abroad. In Brussels, the number is even higher. Our education system is not always geared to these young people. Too often, they end up taking courses that only prepare them for bottleneck jobs, without allowing them to use their unique personal abilities and talents.

Rising You gives young people with a passion for climbing the opportunity to go further – and higher. They receive training to become skilled employees able to work at height or in places that are difficult to access.


After graduation, Rising You wants to match these young people with enthusiastic employers. That is why they are looking for partners who want to make a change in society and who attach importance to high-quality service. Partly through contacts in our network, IRIS, Elia, Proximus and Engie already joined the project.

Would your company like to join as well? Contact Benjamin Gérard.