Only 7 percent of Flemish children eat vegetables and fruit on a daily basis, while 53 percent of them eat sweet or salty snacks every day. Vredeseilanden, GoodPlanet, Fairtrade Belgium, The Shift and some of the major Flemish cities are taking a co-creative approach in an endeavour to make the catering in schools structurally more sustainable and healthier by 2021.

Along with Fairtrade Belgium and GoodPlanet, Vredeseilanden is currently selecting pilot schools in some of the major Flemish cities. They will work together to ensure the food offered is more sustainable and to set up courses on sustainable nutrition. The Shift is investigating how other members from our network could make a meaningful contribution to this project too. Where possible we want to support schools, NGOs and companies to work with young people to make sure the food made available is more sustainable and healthier.

We are discussing with some contract caterers how more sustainable and healthier food could be provided in schools. We are collecting interesting casestudies, looking at the current situation and formulating some recommendations.

Furthermore, we wish to involve retailers and food producers in this initiative as well. In December 2016 we got together with Vredeseilanden and some other civil society organisations to put some ideas on the table.

This spring, the project partners will start working with these new insights and the recommendations developed. Are you interested in collaborating on this project too? Then contact Bart Corijn.