The Science Based Targets indicate how much and how fast your company should reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Based on science, the targets help align individual climate ambitions with the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping global warming well below 2°C. We want to support members who use the SBT-framework.


The transition to a carbon-neutral economy is happening right now. As a member of our network, you can show you have the will and the skills to reach this goal. The Science Based Targets are a credible method to do so. Especially when you:


  • want to strategically integrate the SDGs and the Paris Agreement
  • want to challenge your management internally to take action
  • want to communicate your organisation’s commitment externally



The SBTs are an excellent lever to strengthen your organisation’s climate ambitions. These ambitious scientific targets can offer you:


  • more innovation
  • less uncertain regulations
  • increased investor confidence
  • higher credibility
  • greater profitability
  • improved competitiveness


More than 350 companies already chose to become leaders in the fight against global warming. Will your company join the movement? Become part of our project.


We unite all companies who are working with the SBTs or want to start doing so. The project already includes Thalys, Bpost, Proximus and Lidl, to name a few. Our goal is to:


  • share best practices
  • exchange opinions
  • discuss challenges and solutions
  • pick up on new trends


Interested in becoming part of the project? Keep an eye on our activities!

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