Healthy and sustainable food is essential for children’s health and the quality of our environment. That is why several actors will soon present two concrete collaboration trajects on this issue:


  • Green Deal ‘Healthy and sustainable food at school’ (Flanders)
  • Green Deal ‘Sustainable canteens’ (Wallonia)


Only 7% of our children eat vegetables and fruit on a daily basis, while 53% consume snacks and sweet beverages every day. High time for a change. We want to make sure children:


  • have access to sustainable food at school
  • are aware of what a healthy and sustainable life style looks like, so they can form long-lasting healthy eating habits


Schools are ideal places to encourage and teach children about good eating habits. They have an important role to play in the transition to a healthy and sustainable food system. We want to support schools in this work through the various Green Deal partnerships.


Several actors decided to launch a Green Deal to contribute!


  • In Flanders, Rikolto coordinates the Green Deal project ‘Healthy and sustainable food at school’ in cooperation with The Shift, Fairtrade Belgium, GoodPlanet, the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living, Boerenbond, Fevia and the Government of Flanders.


  • In Wallonia, GoodPlanet coordinates the Green Deal project ‘Sustainable canteens’ in cooperation with The Shift and the Wallonian public service for sustainable development. The project is currently taking shape and the first Supervisory Committee meeting will soon be held. More info about this project will be published in june.

Inviting potential partners

This summer, the two Green Deals will be launched through their own website. We are asking other actors (companies, catering firms, distributors, producers, …) who organise thematic gatherings to take part in this project. We also invite these potential partners to sign the Green Deal. An official ceremony is planned for later this year.

Combining concrete actions

We ask each signatory to define certain concrete actions they plan to undertake. The goal is supporting the educational sector and canteens in executing a policy for sustainable food.

These actions will be combined in the Green Deal, ensuring maximum collective impact. The Green Deal structure also includes an evaluation prior to and after the project. Throughout the project, we will share best practices and inspiring ideas with you. This allows us to learn more about potential obstacles and overcome them together. The ultimate goal? A sustainable food policy for all canteens by 2021!