The circular economy aims to recycle as many products and raw materials as possible and to limit the loss of value. Authorities and companies are eager to explore the transition to this new economic system. To promote such a transition, Vlaanderen Circulair, Bond Beter Leefmilieu (BBL), VVSG and The Shift are establishing the Green Deal Circular Procurement.

Within this public-private learning network, we want to facilitate circular procurement projects that are easy to scale up and reproduce. The participants will be working on 2 levels: developing, sharing and distributing knowledge about circular procurement and boosting a circular economy via their procurement policy.

In concrete terms, organisations can take part in this learning network via various commitments involving circular procurement:


  • As a purchaser, start a minimum of 2 circular procurement processes within a 2-year period from September 2017
  • As a facilitator, take one or more specific commitments to facilitate circular procurement in Flanders


The commitments have been laid down in a Green Deal Charter, which has been signed by more than 130 organisations.

Would you like to participate? Then please contact Bart Corijn for more info.