This public-private learning network wants to use procurement models to help speed up the transition to a circular economy. Through this Green Deal, about 170 organisations have already committed themselves to developing, sharing and spreading their know-how on circular procurement.


Circular procurement is a new way for companies to purchase goods and still respect:


  • Humans
  • Our planet
  • Economic wellbeing


It is a process that allows you to ‘purchase change.’

You can for example choose:


  • renewable materials
  • bio-based or biodegradable materials
  • pooling or sharing resources and products
  • purchasing the right to use a product, rather than the product itself


The Green Deal Circular Procurement was officially signed in June 2017 in the presence of Minister Schauvlieghe. Since then, about 170 organisations have joined the Green Deal, of which 110 purchasing organisations and roughly 60 supporting organisations.

The sign-up period for participating in this Green Deal ended in late 2017. Still interested in applying or facilitating circular procurement through your organisation? Contact Bart Corijn.

Unique learning network

Together, the participants of this Green Deal form a learning network. The result of their exchange will be unique in Europe: the network will conduct more than 200 experiments to build knowledge and experience, and test tools, methods and new ways of chain collaboration – all to close the loop of material lifecycles. Producers and suppliers too are part of the movement.

Scalable and copiable projects

The aim of the public-private learning network is to develop circular projects that can be scaled up and copied.

The work will happen on two levels:


  1. developing, sharing and spreading know-how on circular procurement
  2. driving a circular economy through procurement policy


Two ways to participate

In practice, your organisation can participate in the learning network through two different circular procurement commitments:


  1. As a purchasing organisation, you commit to setting up at least two circular procurement projects between September 2017 and the end of June 2019
  2. As a supporting organisation, you make one or more concrete commitments to help facilitate circular procurement in Flanders


Previous meetings

The founders of the Green Deal organised two meetings in the autumn of 2017. After an initial meeting in October, a second networking day took place in December.

Relevant activities