The launch, on 8 June, was a success. The Green Deal Circular Procurement was signed in the presence of Minister Schauvlieghe by more than 150 organizations, including 86 purchasing organisations and 47 support organizations.

The aim is to achieve circular projects within this public-private learning network that can be scaled up and copied. The work will be twofold: at one level, developing, sharing and spreading knowhow concerning circular procurement and, at another, driving a circular economy via the procurement policy.

More specifically, organisations can participate in this learning network by making one or two different commitments concerning circular procurement:


  • As a buyer, whereby you commit to starting up a minimum of two circular procurement projects between September 2017 and September 2019.
  • As a facilitating organisation, whereby you make one or more specific commitments to help facilitate circular procurement in Flanders.

Recurrent meetings to boost your circular procurement policy

The initiators organised two meetings in the autumn of 2017. After a first encounter in October, a second networking day took place in December. Around 100 signatories gathered at the University of Ghent to present and develop their circular procurement projects. As inspiration, the city of Venlo shared an interesting positive business case of their circular city hall.

In 2018 all signatories can meet at 4 occasions:

• March 30: New date for canceled Inspiration Day of February 27

• May 23 @ Herman Teirlinck, Brussels: special edition with a Buyer meets Supplier event

• September 25 @ Kortrijk

• December 4 @ BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels