Target group: Companies, associations of biodiversity experts, academic institutions, authorities
Initiator(s): The Shift

Start: 30-01-2020

End: 31-12-2020

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 13. Climate action14. Life below water15. Life on land17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: Biodiversity

Biodiversity in my value chain


  • Integrating biodiversity into our members’ strategies
  • Creating a community of frontrunner companies who’ll work to better understand biodiversity and integrate it into their organisations
  • Identifying and strengthening partnerships in our members’ value chains


The Shift is launching ‘Biodiversity and value chains’ – a new, four-part programme to create a community of frontrunners. Companies joining the community will commit to integrating biodiversity into their strategies and taking concrete action in their value chains.


First and foremost, it’s smart to participate because 2020 will be an excellent year for biodiversity. Let’s be honest: things haven’t been going so well for biodiversity. So at first sight, there’s nothing excellent going on... Yet! Because the good news is that in 2020, the global biodiversity emergency is on the agenda of a range of international events: the World Economic Forum in Davis (January), the IUCN conference in Marseille (June) and the COP15 in China (October). Together, they could be as impactful as the 2015 Paris Conference!

Clearly, the time is now – including the time to act. We need to join forces, not just within The Shift’s network but around the world, to call a halt to the breakneck loss of biodiversity that is affecting our planet.

To do so, The Shift has already joined Business for Nature. This initiative unites more than 40 international organisations, to amplify the voices of companies who are frontrunners in the field of diversity and make sure policymakers hear them.

That said, let’s also remember that biodiversity delivers a range of ecosystem services to our society. Without those services, life wouldn’t be the same – but companies often don’t include these services in their end-of-year reports… What price would we have to pay if they disappeared? The threat is real: acting now to safeguard our ecosystems is crucial. Both for our own wellbeing and for that of future generations.


We’re inviting all companies in our network to participate in the new programme ‘biodiversity and value chains’. You would be committing to three things:

  • Integrating biodiversity into your strategy
  • Taking concrete action to integrate biodiversity into your value chain
  • Attending four meetings this year (January, May, October and December 2020)

This may seem ambitious, but we don’t doubt for a second our network includes more than enough pioneers to be able to achieve our goal. Our participation in Business for Nature will offer us plenty of inspiration too: actions are underway in 30 partnering countries.

Why value chains? After discussing things with our members and partners, we decided it would be best to act at the level of value chains. Plenty of actions and organisations are focusing on local biodiversity; we want to approach the issue from a production perspective, to complement what is already being done.

We’re counting on you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.