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Target group: Members of The Shift
Initiator(s): Supported by MVO Vlaanderen

Start: 01-01-2018

End: 19-03-2019

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 8. Decent work and economic growth17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: Transversal

CSR boosters

The CSR Boosters project wants to raise awareness amongst employees of their organisation’s CSR policy. How? By internally selecting ambassadors who will help boost knowledge and acceptance of the CSR policy.


  • Promote the CSR policy’s implementation amongst all colleagues
  • Involve young talents within your organisation
  • Enable the exchange of best practices between organisations


It is not always easy for CSR managers to put sustainability high on their organisation's agenda. With CSR Boosters, we help our members raise employees’ awareness of the CSR policy. This project was realised with the support of MVO Vlaanderen.

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By selecting young ambassadors through CSR Boosters, you improve internal knowledge of your company’s CSR initiatives. That can in turn boost acceptance, which advances your organisation's CSR strategy and facilitates its implementation.

More than ten companies are already taking part in the trial run of this project, launched in early 2018.


The first step is identifying ambassadors within the organisation who can internally promote the CSR strategy and its initiatives. Next, we want to empower them to:

  • understand and be will informed about the CSR strategy;
  • give their opinion on the CSR initiatives and discuss the company’s CSR strategy with senior management.


In 2018, we will be organising four gatherings for the CSR managers of the different companies taking part in the project’s trial run.

  • In February: a first workshop, focused on identifying and selecting ambassadors within the company.
  • In June, two testimonies of companies who launched a similar process, followed by an apportunity to exchange experiences.
  • In October, a company shared its real-life experience on how it created an internal network of ambassadors, after which Elfrieke Van Galen (The Rock Group) presented the book "MVO Doe je zo".
  • In December, a moment to evaluate the project and exchange experiences with Lettemieke Mulder (The Rock Group).

In March 2019 we organised a workshop with the participating companies as to evaluate the project and the progress of their initiatives within the company.


In March 2019, we shared the conclusions of the CSR Boosters pilot project with our members and presented them with a brochure, « CSR Ambassadors », on how to create an internal network of ambassadors. This handy manual is filled with tips on how to get a company's employees on board of the CSR strategy.