Target group: Public and private organisations from all sectors
Initiator(s): SPW Wallonie, The Shift, UWE, SRIW Group, Sowalfin, UCM

Start: 27-11-2019

End: 26-11-2022

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 9. Innovation and infrastructure11. Sustainable cities and communities12. Responsible consumption and production13. Climate action17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: Redefining ValueCircular EconomyResources

Green Deal Circular Procurement in Wallonia

The European Commission describes a circular economy as an economy in which « the value of products and materials is maintained for as long as possible; waste and resource use are minimised, and products that have reached the end of their lives are re-used to create further value. »


  • Contribute to Wallonia's transition to a circular economy
  • Strengthen your position in the market
  • Join discussions with Wallonia's authorities on how to eliminate obstacles to the transition
  • Improve your image


This Green Deal wants to mobilise private and public organisations from all sectors to help speed up Wallonia's transition to a circular economy.

The Shift wants to ease the region's transition to a circular economy and play an active part in it. In that sense, this Green Deal Circular Procurement is a perfect match for our mission.


Together, participants in the Green Deal will form a unique learning network. The Deal will also allow you to:


  • strengthen your position in the market, thanks to efficient management of resources and energy;
  • improve your image by attending the official signing ceremony and being featured in articles and updates on the Wallonian Green Deal's website;
  • join discussions with Wallonia's authorities, to analyse and eventually eliminate obstacles to the transition that the community has identified;
  • contribute to Wallonia's transition to a circular economy.


All signatories commit to executing two pilot projects over the course of the Green Deal Circular Procurement, focusing on purchasing or support. Every signatory (whether purchasing or supporting actor) has the freedom to decide for themselves which specific projects they wish to undertake.

The increased demand for circular products, services and buildings will help stimulate this market and the development of new circular solutions.