Target group: Companies and organisations
Initiator(s): The Shift,, Taxistop, The New Drive

Start: 23-03-2017

End: 22-03-2020

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 3. Good health9. Innovation and infrastructure11. Sustainable cities and communities13. Climate action17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: Mobility

Green Deal Shared Mobility

This is the first Green Deal in Flanders. Through this deal, over 100 organisations take action together to make shared mobility the new norm. Do you too want to be part of shaping the mobility of the future?


  • Making carpooling, car-sharing and bike-sharing the new norm
  • Optimising our use of public space (and minimising parking-pressure)
  • Lowering passenger transport emissions to achieve the global climate targets


In 2017, several partners made a commitment to help increase shared mobility in Flanders through the first Green Deal. Today, over 100 signatories undertake all kinds of actions together to make carpooling, car-sharing and bike-sharing the new norm. Do you want to be part of shaping the mobility of the future?

Making mobility more sustainable by:

  • car sharing (from 28.000 sharers to 100.000);
  • carpoolen (from 1.000 companies to 2.000);
  • bike sharing (from 200.000 to 400.000);
  • electrification of shared cars and bikes.


Car-sharing, carpooling and bike-sharing help us reduce the number of kilometres driven by cars. Lower CO2 emissions benefit our climate and improve air quality. On top of that, less car ownerships leads to:

  • better use of public space (reduced parking-pressure);
  • local employment opportunities when mobility is offered as a service;
  • cost savings as fewer hours are spent in traffic jams;
  • significant health benefits, such as reduced stress;
  • a better relationship with the neighbourhood thanks to an attractive, sustainable image.

Support for your actions

We provide your organisation with visibility and support in return for the actions you choose to undertake. The Government of Flanders will look into removing regulatory obstacles.


Broad range of partners

With this Green Deal, we want to reach a broad range of partners: cities and municipalities, companies, civil society, insurance brokers, software developers, mobility organisations, real estate developers, provincial authorities, citizens, … Everybody can contribute to a more sustainable, shared mobility. That includes your organisation!

What can you expect from this Green Deal?

  • Opportunities to cooperate with partners relevant to you
  • Becoming part of a major learning network
  • Exposure for your organisation and your actions
  • Participation in working groups and workshops, where you get feedback from other signatures, gain inspiration, …
  • Follow-up and support for your actions
  • Tackling any regulatory obstacles that obstruct your action(s)
  • Participation in our annual symposium on shared mobility

What do we expect from you?

  • You undertake at least two actions
  • Your actions involve at least two different objectives
  • Your actions are as concrete and measurable as possible
  • You undertake these actions by 31 December 2020 at the latest
  • Ideally, your actions (1) are new, or (2) already exist but are now given an extra push, and/or (3) are a stalled initiative you want to breathe new life into.
  • You are open to partnering with others to gain new knowledge and experience of shared mobility together