Target group: Government agencies, companies, associations and organisations focusing on food, the educational sector and canteens
Initiator(s): Actors from various sectors

Start: 09-01-2019

End: 08-01-2022

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 2. End hunger3. Good health4. Quality education12. Responsible consumption and production

Priorities for change: Food

Green Deal Sustainable Canteens

Sustainable food is important. That's why The Shift supports the Green Deal Cantines Durables, an innovative partnership that brings together more than 250 actors in Wallonia.


  • Promoting sustainable food in schools and canteens
  • Stimulating partnerships between different actors in the Belgian food chain
  • Involving young people in the sustainable food movement


The Green Deal Cantines Durables is a partnership between canteens, supporting organisations and public authorities to promote sustainable food in Walloon canteens.


Sustainable food is one of the 9 priorities our network focuses on. Together with our members and partners, we want to make sustainable agriculture and food supply a reality. That includes respect for the environment, fair working conditions at every step of the chain and healthy, high-quality products.

Only 7% of our children eat vegetables and fruit on a daily basis, while 53% consume snacks and sugary drinks every day. High time for a change? We want to make sure our children:

  • have access to sustainable food at school;
  • and are aware of what a healthy and sustainable life style looks like, so they form long-lasting healthy eating habits.

Schools are ideal places to encourage and teach children about healthy eating habits from an early age. They have an important role to play in the transition to a healthy and sustainable food system. We want to support schools in that role.


The Green Deal Sustainable Canteens aims to mobilise canteens and kitchens from all walks of life, as well as the actors involved in these canteens, in order to increase the sustainability of the meals offered. Initiated at the beginning of 2019, it invites stakeholders to sign an agreement that commits them individually and collectively for 3 years in order to contribute to a sustainable food system in Wallonia.

By joining the Green Deal Sustainable Canteens, the signatories undertake actions (within or in support of their canteen) in 6 areas of work: local and seasonal products, respectful of the environment and animals, fair trade, healthy, balanced and tasty meals, the reduction of food waste and garbage and social inclusion.