Best practice
Target group: Companies
Initiator(s): BAAV with the support of VLAIO and Antwerp Management School

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 11. Sustainable cities and communities13. Climate action17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: MobilityWork & Inclusion

Office on Wheels

A well-equipped office bus that turns commute time into work time? A sure win-win! After an elaborate test phase, the founders of this initiative now invite additional partners to adopt this sustainable transport solution.


  • Offer employers a sustainable transport alternative
  • Alleviate employees’ traffic jam stress
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and the number of vehicles on the road


Office on Wheels is an initiative by BAAV that allows companies to offer a high-tech, well-equipped office bus to their employees.


30% of the working population has a work-home commute of more than half an hour. For 9%, the journey even takes over an hour. What if we could make better use of this time by getting our work done – while commuting?

Less traffic jam stress and lower impact on the environment

Office on Wheels reduces employees’ traffic jam stress and can have a positive effect on their work-life balance. Sharing transport in this way also lowers the number of vehicles on the road and emits six times less CO2.

Commute time becomes work time

As soon as an employee steps onto the bus, his working day begins. Office on Wheels offers the same facilities as any other office space. Passengers have their own work place and can make use of WiFi, coffee-making facilities and other office facilities.


Office on Wheels unites various partners. The project as a whole is coordinated by BAAV, which guarantees the quality of the office buses and the facilities they offer.

There are three different types of office buses, all adapted to companies’ diverse mobility challenges and needs. Currently, nine different bus routes operate between Turnhout, Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Halle and Hasselt.

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